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How to add and build bifrost (Mali-G76) kernel driver with android kernel 4.14.X


I am new to ARM and I want to add a driver to the kernel source code for my device.
Can you please tell me how I can do it?

Without this driver the kernel compiles successfully but when I try to add it to the kernel I get errors.
Please tell me the right way to add and include the driver in the kernel source code.

Thanks in advance.

  • Hi there, thank you for asking your question. I have moved your question to the Graphics and Gaming forum. Many thanks.

  • Hi Daniel,

    Tricky question. Unless you are working for a customer that have access to the DDK, what you are planning is unlikely to lead to success.
    If you have licensed the DDK I would point you to the IM where it explains how to integrate and build kbase. For 4.14, we don’t support that anymore, so the rather new r44p0 you are using does not support and was not tested with 4.14. You could pick up an older kbase version and use that. Either way, you also need to add in the platform specific integration in kbase for your platform (power, clocks, etc.). And all this needs to be compatible with a binary DDK from the SiP.

    Hope this helps.