• Arm Community blogs

    Arm Community blogs

    Read the latest Arm Community blogs and explore the latest in what Arm engineers are writing about.
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  • Arm Research

    Arm Research

    Explore the latest news, events and research findings from Arm Research and our partners. Discover resources and information that might enhance your own research.
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  • AuP Sample Teaching Materials

    AuP Sample Teaching Materials

    Public group purely for the purpose of sharing AuP's sample teaching materials.
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  • Community Help

    Community Help

    New to Arm Community? Start here to learn how to get the most out of it. Learn about Community enhancements, share ideas and ask questions.
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  • DesignStart


    Stay up to speed with the latest the latest information, updates and discussion about custom SoC design with Arm IP through the easy-access DesignStart program.
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  • Education Hub

    Education Hub

    Fostering Discussion and Debate in Computing, STEM Education and Publishing
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  • Innovation


    The Arm ecosystem consists of a vast number of talented individuals building solutions in every imaginable domain. Our Innovators are key technical experts helping to extend Arm architecture and share their knowledge into a wide variety of exciting areas.
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  • Open Source Software and Platforms

    Open Source Software and Platforms

    This community is to support Open Source Software development on Arm
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  • Support forums

    Support forums

    Have a question about working on Arm technology? Browse our support forums for solutions to your questions, answer questions from fellow community members and get help from Arm experts.
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  • 中文社区


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