• Arm Community blogs

    Arm Community blogs

    Read the latest Arm Community blogs and explore the latest in what Arm engineers are writing about.
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  • ASP India

    ASP India

    Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and Arm School Program (ASP) are collaborating on a series of webinars on the theme of Teaching with Physical Computing. Webinar series running October 2022 to April 2023.
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  • Community Help

    Community Help

    New to Arm Community? Start here to learn how to get the most out of it. Learn about Community enhancements, share ideas and ask questions.
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  • Designing and Modelling of IoT, AI & ML Systems
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  • Distinguished Ambassadors

    Distinguished Ambassadors

    The Arm Developer Program includes skilled individuals across diverse domains. Distinguished Ambassadors, as key technical experts, contribute to expanding Arm architecture and sharing their knowledge in various exciting areas.
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  • Education Hub

    Education Hub

    Fostering Discussion and Debate in Computing, STEM Education and Publishing
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  • EduLabs


    EduLabs is a new community platform for academics to take advantage of, and contribute to, free open-access Computer Engineering.
  • Open Source Software and Platforms

    Open Source Software and Platforms

    This community is to support Open Source Software development on Arm
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  • Research Collaboration and Enablement

    Research Collaboration and Enablement

    Explore the latest news, events and research findings from Arm research collaborations and our partners. Discover resources and information that might enhance your own research.
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  • Semiconductor Education Alliance Hub

    Semiconductor Education Alliance Hub

    A hub for alliance members that will encourage and promote discussion, debate, thought leadership and opinion in the area of semiconductor education.
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  • Support forums

    Support forums

    Have a question about working on Arm technology? Browse our support forums for solutions to your questions, answer questions from fellow community members and get help from Arm experts.
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  • The Inventors Challenge 2023

    The Inventors Challenge 2023

    Nurturing tech innovation
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  • The Inventors Challenge 2024

    The Inventors Challenge 2024

    Nurturing tech innovation
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  • VLSI to System design: Silicon-to-end application approach

    VLSI to System design: Silicon-to-end application approach

    Industry 4.0 utilizing most latest technology focus on power efficiency through Motor control, enabling smart systems through AI & connectivity.
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