Community platform updates December 2017

Hello everyone!

On Tuesday we had a short downtime to deploy a patch that addresses a potential security issue and improve site stability. We took the opportunity to make some improvements across the site, so this is a roundup of the changes you may have noticed.

Get me to the stuff

One of the things I hear frequently from regular members is they want to get to new content quickly. We added a site wide activity stream just after launch to help show what's going on in a single page, linked in the main navigation item 'Content'.

Since then, we have had feedback that it doesn't really describe what the page does, so we've renamed it Activity. You can also find the most recent unanswered questions and recent blogs there.

As well as this, there is now a 'Forums' link, which curates all forums across the platform to a single page. My hope is that this will bring familiarity with some other Communities, while allowing new members to get to discussion and question threads in their interest areas quicker. Regular members can also use this page to find forums with recently activity.

In line with this, we've reworked the home page a little so it performs better in mobile views, and added two direct links to access the most popular places - reading blogs and browsing forums.

Arm Community homepage


Navigation has been reordered, with a new menu under 'Support' and a link to a new Forums curation page. A proportion of our members have an entitlement to Arm's official support channels, so this is intended to provide quick access to the support portal, IP downloads and training for those members. There is also a link to documentation on Arm Developer, where we keep all our official documentation.

Lowering the barriers to engagement

Based on feedback, we've made it easier to post comments. Our Community setup meant that you needed to click a banner to join a group before the comment box would appear. We've removed that step now so you can write a comment anywhere you like without jumping through hoops first. You still need to be logged in to comment, that won't change, but you are able to write your comment first, then log as you submit your comment.

Social shares

Sharing buttons have been iterated to provide a better experience. Mobile and large desktop views place the icons in easily accessible locations, and should be more familiar in the mobile view. Sharing content is an important part of the success for any Community, increasing visibility across the web while helping to improve the knowledge and deliver news for potential members. We also use the analytics to assess popular content - and get a feel for what we're doing right, or wrong! For now they are available on blog content pages but we're considering adding them to forum threads too. Let me know if that's something you'd like to see.

Arm Community social shares

Feedback, feedback, feedback

Everyone wants to know what you think all the time, eh? Well yes, and so we've introduced a feedback button so you can let us know your thoughts, ideas and if there is a problem, right on the page. You might recognise it as we have the same one on Arm Developer. We love hearing from you as it helps us prioritise development and make the platform better for everyone.You can also submit and discuss ideas in Community ideas.

Arm Community feedback form