ARM MDK can't list CMSIS-DAP Debugger with 2 WINUSB IFs

Hi sir,

I have tried to create my own CMSIS DAPLink debugger with 2 WINUSB IFs for that my board has 2 MCUs and I am ableo to debug them at the same time.

And I have sucessfully implemented the USB device with 2 IFs and can be found on WIN10 device manager window like below:

But on Keil MDK only the last IF (Channel 1) is available:

But at the same time, the IAR listed two IFs and every one worked well:

It seems that the driver CMSIS_DAP.dll can't list all IFs and only the last IF is avalialbe.

Refer to the DAP USB Config below:

Update String Settings - Product String to indicate the Debug Unit. Note that "CMSIS-DAP" must be part of that string to allow identification by debuggers (or part of interface string for USB composite device).

And the first IF's string is "CMSIS-DAP CH0" and the second IF's string is  "CMSIS-DAP CH1".

So Keil should have listed all IFs instead of only the last one. The source of the driver CMSIS_DAP.dll is not opened, so would you like to enhenced this problem?

Thanks in advance.

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