Announcing Keil Studio Cloud, our next generation browser-based IDE

Arm is excited to announce the release of Keil Studio Cloud, the first component of the next-generation Keil tool suite, which is now available in open beta. This early access beta will allow developers to experience the Keil Studio workflow first-hand with a limited set of supported development boards and features. The browser-based IDE provides a cloud-hosted platform with direct Git integration for enabling distributed teams, collaborative development and modern CI workflows for rapid IoT device development. Example projects are provided for common IoT cloud service providers, all of which can be built and even debugged in the browser.

You can log in to Keil Studio Cloud today using your Arm Account or create a new Arm Account if you don't have one already. lists all the boards we currently support.

Keil Studio Cloud documentation is available on Arm's Developer site.

Please use these forums to ask any questions you have and to provide feedback on the IDE. Use the tag 'Keil Studio Cloud' in your post so we can make sure the right team members see them.