Embedded processor in ARM Mali G710

Hi Team,

MediaTek Dimensity 9000 SOC uses the latest ARM Mali GPU G710. We see that they mentioned about embedded processor in the GPU susbystem which offloads the CPU workload.

HC2022.Mediatek.EricbillWang.v08.pptx (hotchips.org) - Slide 14 from this link explains the details.

We wanted to know more details about this emebedded processor. Can the OEM's or SOC vendor's modify the GPU subsystem ? 

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  • is from command stream frontend subsystem introduced in the G710 GPU architecture ?

    Or there is a new processor inside this G710 IP ?

    Yes and yes =)

    The command stream frontend (CSF) substantially changes how the driver talks to the hardware, and reduces CPU load significantly (by more than 15% for many applications, but it's content dependent). The CSF includes an embedded processor, but there is far more to it than that in terms of domain-specific hardware assist. It's not a public part of the architecture, so that's about as much detail as I can give here.