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How can I compile Mali-T764 DRIVERS on Ubuntu Linux 14.04 on RK3288 device ?


I'm establishing a startup company and decided to use ARM devices as thin clients for my company's VDI solution. I have recently bought an RK3288-based device which uses a MALI-764 GPU. The device has Ubuntu 14.04 installed, but it is missing the 3D Hardware Acceleration functionality due to missing MALI 764 drivers.

However, I found the drivers available on Developer.

My question is: How can I compile these drivers to gain full 3D hardware acceleration on my linux-based device?

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  • Hi peba,

    Would this also include VPU support for video encoding/decoding via gstreamer ?

    You would have to contact Rockchip regarding this, as the VPU in the RK3288 is not ARM's IP, so we have no drivers to release for this.

    Note that the driver we are releasing is just the Mali GPU driver, not an entire BSP.

    Do you plan to offer a beta or pre-release of your driver blob for interested developers ?

    No, the majority of time spent to release these drivers is not in the engineering work, but in the testing and legal. These will still hold true for beta/pre-release candidates so you wouldnt get them much quicker.

    To help with your scheduling, the fbdev version should be out this week, with the X11 version to quickly follow.

    I hope that helps.

    Kind Regards,

    Michael McGeagh