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"TrustZone_Cortex-A9AC6" example does not run normally

Hi, I am struggling in running the ready-examples of the ARM development studio IDE. I demonstrate the "TrustZone_Cortex-A9AC6" example here.

I am using the following resources:

1) "ARM Cyclone V SoC FPGA development kit".

2) Licensed copy of the ARM development studio IDE version 2021.1.

3) Windows 10 OS.

4) JTAG connection between the FPGA kit and the PC.

Please also refer to the snapshots in the attached pdf file for more details.

According to the description provided with this example "readme.html", the system should display some text on the "Target Console" like "Hello from Normal world" and so on.

However, nothing was displayed on the Target Console although the system was running without a clear reason.

Any advice please to handle this issue? thanks a lot.

TrustZone_Cortex-A9AC6 example does not run normally.pdf