fromelf tool crashing with Internal fault: [0x389329:6160001]


I'm using ARM DS2021.0 and need to look at the generated assembly.

The fromelf.exe crashes with an internal error if I add the --interleave=source option.

The following command produces the disassembly, but without interleaved source:
fromelf.exe --cpu=Cortex-A5 --disassemble --output=disassemble.asm zImage.axf
The following command results in a internal fault:
fromelf.exe --cpu=Cortex-A5 --disassemble --interleave=source --output=disassemble.asm zImage.axf
Internal fault: [0x389329:6160001]

The following command succeeds, but the line numbers that are inserted do not match the source code:

fromelf.exe --cpu=Cortex-A5 --disassemble --interleave=line_directives --output=disassemble.asm zImage.axf