ARMv7 TLB dump decoding

For debugging a MMU related issue with Cortex-A5 core, I dumped TLB  by following instruction from DDI0433C_cortex_a5_trm.pdf, chapter 7.6, and I think that I successfully got the TLB raw data. Based on table Table 7-7 TLB descriptor format in the same document, I can match bits like TEX, AP, Bufferable, Cacheable, Shareable and so on, but I'm not very clear about the 15 bits VA and 20 bits PA.
Since VA in TLB is just 15 bits. For small page, we would need 20 bits VA. So how should I decode the VA in TLB? I guess the TLB entry index would be used for decoding the VA address. But I not find exact mapping. In one case, I believe the VA is is 0xB2000, and in TLB dump, it is the entry with index 0x32, the 15 bits VA field has value as 5. Trying to figure out how to decode the VA value 5, with index 0x32, to get the VA address 0xB2000. Anyone knows any detail about this? Thanks in advance.