Juno CoreSight Setup

Hi Everyone,

We just bought a Juno Versatile Express board for development.  Using the getting started guides and I have successfully installed DS-5 on a host and a rootfs on the board.  I'm using the LAMP image provided by Linaro for use with the Juno board (linaro-image-lamp-genericarmv8-20150618-754.rootfs.tar.gz).  To set up and test CoreSight I am using the guide provided (On-Target Trace Using the CoreSight Access Library |  ARM DS-5 Development Studio) and the readmes provided within the CoreSight_access example source.

Building is no problem but I have two issues:

1.  When trying to disable the cpuidle I find that I have no cpuidle directory in any /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu$ folder.

2.  When attempting to run the tracedemo example (rel or dbg) I receive a "CSREG: Failed to detect the board!" error.  The Juno r1 is defined in the source as a supported board (and also mentioned in the readme as supported).

Does anyone have an idea why I would be seeing this error?

Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide on CoreSight!


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