Access MPAM register through FVP_Base_RevC_2xAEMvA

Hi, im using model FVP_Base_RevC_2xAEMvA with the following parameters: 

-C cluster0.has_mpam=2 -C cluster0.NUM_CORES=4     -C cluster0.supports_multi_threading=0     -C cluster0.mpidr_layout=0     -C cluster1.NUM_CORES=0     -C pctl.startup=     -C pctl.Affinity-shifted=0     -C pctl.CPU-affinities=',,,'     -C gic_distributor.CPU-affinities=',,,'     -C gic_distributor.reg-base-per-redistributor=',,,' --data=<work_dir>/bl1.bin@0x0 --data=<work_dir>/fip.bin@0x08000000 --data=<workdir>/<file.bin>@0x80080000

The problem is, when i try to access any MPAM register to read or write (MRS and MSR instructions), the program seems to ignore the register access and continue to execute... Any idea?


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