Issues with memory and optimization on the Corstone SSE-300 (MPS3) FVP simulator


1) Could someone tell me, please, what could be the issue if everything works on the -O3 optimization, but on the -O0 it stops working at the entrance to the "main()" function (freeze)?

2) Can I increase the memory to avoid the error (Error: L6388E: ScatterAssert expression (ImageLimit(SRAM_WATERMARK) <= ((0x30000000)) + ((0x40000))) failed on line 63 : (0x30200a60 <= 0x30040000))?

3) Tracer did not work correctly so I have taken parameters from another CortexM55 model ( -C cpu0.FPU=1 -C cpu0.MVE=2). Can you please tell me, maybe there are other parameters for tracing?