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What is in the Morello SW Stack Refresh 2021-R2 (tagged as: morello-release-1.2)?

Arm made a new Morello Software Stack Refresh 2021-R2 (tagged as: morello-release-1.2) on 9 August 2021. What are the key features and updates in this release?

  • The following are a summary of the key software features of this release:

    • Migration of build system from Yocto to BASH based scripting environment.
    • Migration of Morello Capability aware Android Common Kernel from 5.4.50 to 5.10.41.
    • Migration of Android/Morello from Q (10.0.0_r2) to R (11.0.0_r27). For more details, please refer to Android readme.
    • Initial Linux stack config: Morello ACK + Busybox A64 rootfs (preparatory base for enabling future capability aware Linux environments).
    • Add documentation describing support for pseudo bare-metal development environments. For details please refer to Standalone baremetal readme.
    • Rebased System Control Processor (SCP) firmware, Trusted Firmware-A, EDK2 and EDK2-PLATFORMS from respective upstream repositories.
    • Add support for interactive debugging (with Command Line Interface) in the SCP RAM firmware. For more details, please refer to SCP firmware readme.
    • Add support for CMake in build-scripts to build SCP firmware. Make build is used by default and can be toggled to CMake by using the SCP_CMAKE_BUILD flag present in For more details, please refer to Cmake readme.