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USB Printer interface LPC4337 to print plain text.


I am trying to interface the USB Printer HP Deskjet  4530 with LPC4337.

I refer a USB stack lib of LUFA. as of now, our device is successfully enumerated, I had capture the Device ID and also able to read the port status.

When  i am trying to send some data for printing, not able to get the printout. Printer shows the message printing and this message get disappear after few minutes and back to home screen.

This are the few commands ESC commands for PCL3

     static const char EjectPaper[] = {ESC,'&','l','0','H'};
     static const char EjectPaper1[] = {ESC,'&','l','0','H','(','h',')'};
     static const char FeedFmTray[] = {ESC,'&','l','1','H'};
     static const char FeedFmTray1[] = {ESC,'&','l','1','H','(','h',')'};
     static const char SelfTest[] = {ESC,'z'};
     static const char ResetPrn[] = {ESC,'E'};

I am send the commands using this function for testing.


I request you to kindly help us out.

Warm regards