Probably trivial, but I can't get any ARM9 devices to be shown with MDK 5.38a

Downloaded MDK5.38a and installed on Windows 11.

Have "NuMicro ARM9 DeviceDatabase for Keil 1.02.exe", run and finished. Can't find any Icons nor any change to "start menu", except an uninstall.

No devices are shown in drop-down box/device tree.

Downloaded legacy mdk 5.25 executed the file.

Then a bunch of devices, but none is Arm9.

Trying to import as Zip-file in "Pack installer" fails due to no .pstd-file, which is not surprising, as this is not described as procedure, but just to inform, I have tried a little bit of everything. Also running installations with "admin"-rights, which was required for License installation, so expected sort of owner-problems.

I am of course new to Keil  µVision.

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