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Announcement: Temporary weekly maintenance window for Keil Studio Cloud and

From April 26th 2022 we will be temporarily introducing a weekly one hour maintenance window on Tuesdays from 1000 until 1100 UTC (Convert)

As part of a long running refresh of the infrastructure that supports our services we are migrating databases and file systems. Switching to new data stores requires a period of service disruption to ensure data integrity. These updates may impact Keil Studio Cloud. and associated services.

Before each maintenance window we will let you know the anticipated effects by updating this post.


5th July 2022 - Potential Disruption

Work will be done on and the hardware API that drives the hardware pages there. We don't anticipate this will cause downtime, but in the event that there is disruption it should limited to and will not affect Keil Studio Cloud.

12th July 2022 - Disruption

Work will be carried out on user workspaces. For a time users workspaces will be not be accessible in Keil Studio Cloud or in the mbed online compiler (reminder: the mbed online compiler is due to be retired).