Keil µVision V5.32.0.0 extreme lag in editor, high CPU load

Hello All,

I've noticed that since the update to V5.32.0.0 I'm faced with extreme lag in the editor of the µVision IDE and a high CPU load.

When entering text in the editor, the whole application freezes, but the entered text is then (after a CPU load of 30% or more and after 10-20s) finally entered.

The CPU load jumps always to this high value when entering text, I assume this has something to do with auto-completion, but it even happens when entering comment lines...

You can even freeze the application for multiple minutes if you keep entering text in the editor (like 100 characters or so).

Does anyone also have this issue or are there some checks I could make? For the moment the IDE is useless with that extreme lag...

Best regards