Nohau EMUL51-PC 8051 development system on eBAY

There is a Nohau EMUL51-PC 8051 development system for the Philips 8051 family on sale on ebay.

The development system is about three years old, fully working, and in excellent shape. It was used to emulate a Philips P89C51RD2. The system includes: a 16 mhZ 8xC51Rx2 Hook-Mode Emulation probe head (POD-C51RX2-P-PGA-16). The Pod is a EMUL51-PC POD-552B with a Philips V-85C582E 131020 DHD9150V0 chip. It also has a 50Mhz 8051 Emulator Pod/256K emulation memory. 50Mhz 16K-Frame Trace Buffer, High speed parallel box and cable, and all Manuals.

It is item number 2534782337. The auction ends on June 7, 2003