Any chance to share the LDPC sample ?

Hello all,

I am working with armral-24.04, specifically with the function LDPC encoder/decoder.

As I could check, there are no LDPC decoder/encoder samples in the path ~/armRAL/ral-armral-24.04/test only in ~/armRAL/ral-armral-24.04/src. The test script that launch the ldpc to execute various test cases, but it is not possible to see the parameters that decoder and encoder have been invoked. In the test source, the parameters are hard-coded, for example the usage of the BG1 or BG2 is decided by the test parameters.

I would like to know if I have to call the decoder and encoder separately, how I could invoke the encoder and decoder, which parameters do I have to pass to them (data_in, bg, z, len_filler_bits, etc.) ?

Is there any dependence on the decoder and encoder and the rate matching and rate recovery procedures or they can run separately ?

In other words, how can I call the ArmRAL LDPC encoder/decoder from the DU stack in the 5G NR ?

Any documentation related is most welcome.


Kind Regards,