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Unable to connect with device through Ulink2 - STM32L475

I have been making some clocks configuration changes in C code. I verified the register values using the debugger. I have made below code changes to check the clock frequencies using oscilloscope . ie, MCO to PA8

After making the below code changes, ULINK2 is unable to connect with the device. The moment after I click "Load" I get error as "No Cortex-M Device found in JTAG chain" . It was working fine before I load this code. The uVersion I use is 5.33.

I did try setting the debug settings,

1. Connect: with Pre-reset

2. Enabled Reset after Connect

3. Rest: HW RESET

4. Enabled Stop after Reset


//Set the MCO to SysCLK

// Enable alternate function for GPIOA8

// Configure GPIOA8 to very high speed

//Alternate function for portA-8


Can someone help me resolving the issue?