Mali GPU counter clarification

I'm trying to validate the frame rate I'm seeing in my streamline capture. I have annotated my code to show when data processing occurs every frame so that I can measure it in the timeline, but I want to make sure the number of cycles per pixel makes sense. For example, my 4 core GPU is running with a 1 GHz clock, 4000 M cycles/second, and I have a frame that I am drawing with a 1280x800 resolution. It looks like I'm seeing a frame rate of about 250 Hz which means that 4000 M cps/((1280x800pixels)x250) = 15.625 cycles/pixel as my budget. When I look at the counters in the GPU Counter reference guide I see Pixels shaded by the GPU as $MaliGPUTasksFragmentTasks * 1024.
I also see the cycles per pixel as: $MaliGPUCyclesGPUActive / ($MaliGPUTasksFragmentTasks * 1024) in the same document.
When I look at these over a frame time in streamline I get the number of pixels as 4.419M and the Cycles per pixel as essentially 1.

1. Where does the 1024 come from when calculating the Pixels? Also how does this relate to my number of pixels per frame which is around 1/4 of this?
2. The number of cycles per pixel is much lower than the budget, but is this even correct? (not incredibly experienced with video sw)
Any help is appreciated.