Can't confirm adb path in frame adviser gui in mac os.

The device manager failed to initialize: Could not run adb, is the path 'adb' correct?
Adb failed with exit code 2.
Command: version
Output : execve failed: No such file or directory

hi i'm not able to select the apply and close button to point out the adb path.

The adb is installed by android studio in a standard path, and i'v added it to system path. 

Frame adviser version:

Build date: Dec 1 2023

GUI build: 13b99d11e42c94d22c9321d66feb5c1733767412

Backend build: d1594be6145fe5da06f72754f570eee482255f2c

Macos: 13.6.2 (22G320) M1 Pro