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Is there a numerical relationship between $MaliRayTracingIntersectionsOpaqueTriangleHits and $MaliRayTracingIntersectionsRayMisses and $MaliRayTracingTriangleBatchesTested?

in mobile studio Streamline data,I found that $MaliRayTracingIntersectionsOpaqueTriangleHits and $MaliRayTracingIntersectionsRayMisses represent the number of hits and misses that the triangle intersects with the ray.

and $MaliRayTracingTriangleBatchesTested represents the time when the triangle intersection test is.

There are no transparent objects in the scene. And the firstHit is not set.

So I understand that the sum of $MaliRayTracingIntersectionsOpaqueTriangleHits and $MaliRayTracingIntersectionsRayMisses should be equal to $MaliRayTracingTriangleBatches  * 16. However, the actual situation is not completely consistent, how to understand the relationship between these items?