how to perf the kernel in arm mobile studio by streamline ?

I downloaded version 8.4 of arm mobile studio, and got the code of my mobile phone. After setting the configuration such as CONFIG_DEBUG_INFO according to official website's introduction, I brushed the image into my mobile phone. After linking through adb or tcp, I wanted to observe the performance of linux kernel, such as irq\scheduler, but I found that I couldn't find the function calling relationship of the kernel. After importing vmlinux, it was still unknow in the kernel.

When I was looking up the information, I saw that the previous versions all needed gator.ko, but the 8.4 AMS no longer has this. Will this affect it?

If there is no impact, can I see the performance parameters of linux kernel stack through AMS?

In addition, does streamline need a license key to profiling the kernel, and is there a limit to free?