Why do so many VR games don't show arms???

Till this day I still dont understand why developers do this. It just makes every game feel unreal, and it makes it difficult for me to really feel immersed.

Games like Walking Dead Saints and Sinners show arms are perfectly possible. Even if it would be difficult to construct in game, I would still prefer a weird looking arm instead of some floating hands.

Am I the only one thinking this? Or am I missing something?

  • Same like that I faced issue,  when I played neet and angels game on my android device They'd impede 20% of your view and you would hinder the part where you would need 'put' your hand ( like a button to press) and since there is no material reaction, it would be impossible to do as such. Likewise, the IK-framework wouldn't have the option to copy the specific development of your own arms, causing them to feel unfamiliar and abnormal.