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[Peformance Counter Quesiton] what does EXEC_STARVE_ARITH mean?

Hi, support

We're profiling the performance of our application and found that EXEC_STARVE_ARITH is high (30%  of EE core utilization)

We check the meaning  is "The number of cycles where the processing unit is starved of work."

Does it mean there is 30% time that EE core has no work to do ???

If it's true, it's weird because it should have many warps parallel to help this issue.

Thanks for help

  • This counter can be hard to interpret - which GPU are you using?

    Possible causes for a high value:

    • The content is bottlenecked on another unit (e.g. load/store, varying interpolation, texturing), so there simply isn't enough arithmetic workload to keep the arithmetic pipeline busy every cycle. 
    • The content is stalling in another unit because of e.g. descriptor or data cache misses. GPUs are good at hiding misses, but if you get a lot of them close together it may not be possible to hide the latency of memory fetch completely. 
    • The content is stalling on the instruction cache (check the EXEC_ICACHE_MISS counter).

    Kind regards, 


  • Hi Pete,

    Thanks for the prompt reply!

    We're using Odin GPU.

    So, could I say that 

    This counter implies that warp isn't fully utilized in this cycle, and the exec_starve_arith counter counts.

    Is that correct?

    Does the counter add when waiting for texturing?