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libmali and Xorg

Hi, I see that the manufacturer of the SoC I am using had to add workarounds to the Xorg server to get it to work properly, especially wrt. GBM buffers. Is that a limitation of libmali or would it have been possible for him as a licensee of the DDK to fix the EGL/OpenGL ES library instead? In other words: Are SoCs of other manufacturers able to use libmali with Xorg modesetting driver, GLAMOR, and X11 EGL applications without any patches?

  • Hi Daniel,

    The Mali Linux DDK doesn't support X11, but instead fbdev and wayland. So yes, a Mali licensee would need to put effort into integrating/porting fbdev or wayland to X11 to support it.

  • They all include an End User Licence Agreement (EULA) document which defines how these drivers can be used. A new and more permissive version was introduced in January 2016 and all Midgard user-space drivers starting with r6p0 are now distributed under the new terms. The main changes are to allow redistribution of the binaries under the same EULA, commercial use and benchmarking. Read the END_USER_LICENCE_AGREEMENT.txt document included in the packages for the exact licensing terms.