End of buffer corruption for non-coherent memory type


We have observed some garbage vertex data fed into vertex shaders, where garbage is located at the very end of vertex buffers. This causes a 100% reproducible GPU crash. Vertex buffers are allocated in the non coherent memory.

This happens on Pixel 6 which has a Mali-G78 MP20 chip.

For now, the workaround is to align up the VkBufferCreateInfo size field to a multiple of nonCoherentAtomSize, and this fixes the GPU crash bug.

Mapping the buffer and reading data back from it on the CPU produces correct data, so it seems that only GPU is not seeing the correct data at the end of the buffer.

We are doing vkFlushMappedMemoryRanges() after memcpy() to the aligned & allocated buffer memory, and there are no Vulkan debug layer errors displayed during the app execution.

I would be curious to know if this is perhaps a known bug on your side?

Thank you in advance for your help,

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