Wrong frame rate after finishing capture


I'm using Performance Advisor and Streamline from 2021.3 (also tested with 2021.2) to do some general profiling on a new project using Vulkan. While capturing in Streamline, the frame rate is displayed in the range of 5 - 7 fps (150-200ms) in the action scenes which seems to be correct (no optimization yet). When finishing the capture the frame rate is displayed as ~31 fps in those scenes. In other scenes the frame rate is also way higher than it's real value. This also makes the generated report from Performance Advisor mostly useless. As the displayed frame rate is correct WHILE capturing I'm not quite sure where the issue is located in this case.

The following image shows a part of the final capture with the cross sections markers approximately set to the duration of a frame (1ms resolution).

Do you have any suggestion where I could take a look at to fix this?

Device: SM-G973F (Samsung Galaxy S10) | Android 11