Mali-G76 linux DDK integrating error

    I 'm testing the G76 DDK on fbdev linux. The mali_base_jd_test's result is good,but there are some errors executing the mali_egl_integration_tests. 
   config for DDK:
./config bx301a01b-release.config GPU_G76=y HWVER_R0P0=y WINSYS_FBDEV=y WINSYS_FBDEV_PRIMARY=y 
KERNEL_DIR=/home/linux_kernel/build/ PKG_CONFIG=y PKG_CONFIG_PACKAGES='libdrm'  PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/home/libdrm_install/lib/pkgconfig/
    My fb0 is a virtual device. I modified  the value of 'end_buffer_count' from 3 to 1 at egl/tests/customer/winsys/mali_egl_winsys_tests.c.  
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