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How can I compile Mali-T764 DRIVERS on Ubuntu Linux 14.04 on RK3288 device ?


I'm establishing a startup company and decided to use ARM devices as thin clients for my company's VDI solution. I have recently bought an RK3288-based device which uses a MALI-764 GPU. The device has Ubuntu 14.04 installed, but it is missing the 3D Hardware Acceleration functionality due to missing MALI 764 drivers.

However, I found the drivers available on Developer.

My question is: How can I compile these drivers to gain full 3D hardware acceleration on my linux-based device?

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  • Hi jasbir,

    The binaries on our website guillaume.tucker mentioned have been tested on the Nexus 10, Samsung Chromebooks, and Arndales. There is a chance that these binaries will work on other platforms, but as we have not tested them, we cannot guarantee that they will work.

    Linux is more forgiving than Android, as Android may have more customisations that each separate device may rely on, which isnt part of the generic builds we have in house.

    In short, binaries we produce on the website 'may' work on your devices, but they may not, or there may be performance issues or bugs as a result due to incompatibilities in the integration layer which we do not control.

    For an official and fully supported binary, the best option is to contact the SoC vendor for their binary.

    I hope this helps,

    Kind Regards,

    Michael McGeagh