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ARM A53 copy_to_user failed

Hi all

I want to use copy_to_user to copy data to kernel space buffer.

I have following test:

mm_segment_t fs;

char *src, *dsr;

int ret;

fs = get_fs();


src = kmalloc(0x10, GFP_KERNEL);

dst = kmalloc(0x10, GFP_KERNEL);

ret = copy_to_user(dst, src, 0x10);


If test run in kernel version 5.10, ret = 0x10, if run in kernel verion 4.19, ret = 0x0.

I have checked the ttbr0_el1/ttbr1_el1/tcr_el1, all seems well, I also checked the pagetable of src/dst in kernel 5.10 and in kernel 4.19 separately, look like same. 

I also digged into the copy_to_user, found that dst pagefault in  kernel 5.10, finally reach to the lable 9998 of __arch_copy_to_user, if I change x0 to 0 after 9998, copy_to_uesr got 0x0.

If something I missed in kernel 5.10?  If anyone could give me some advice