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Can't connect to Armv-A Base RevC AEM FVP via SSH

I'm trying to connect via ssh to a Buildroot Linux instance running in an Armv-A Base RevC AEM FVP. These are the parameters I'm using:

FVP_Base_RevC-2xAEMvA \
    -C bp.smsc_91c111.enabled=true -C bp.hostbridge.userNetworking=true \
    -C bp.hostbridge.userNetPorts= -C bp.hostbridge.userNetSubnet= \
Then I try to connect by running `ssh root@localhost -p 8022`, but the command just hangs.
I'm pretty sure Linux is working correctly as running the same exact Linux image in the Armv-A Foundation AEM FVP model works as expected. These are the parameters used:
Foundation_Platform \
    --network=nat \
    --network-nat-subnet= \
    --network-nat-ports= \
Any idea on where I'm doing something wrong? And how to fix it?