Arm Streamline OpenCL Mode not Work for Mali Immortalis-G720

I am trying to profile one debuggable app with Streamline tool, but I don't know how to configure OpenCL mode. My device is vivo Pad 3 pro, with GPU Mali Immortalis-G720.

In OpenCL-mode,  there are two limitations to use OpenCL mode:

  1. OpenCL mode is only available on platforms with an OpenCL timeline compiled into the Mali driver. In this page, it lists Immortalis-G720, which is supported by Streamline OpenCL Timeline.
  2. The information in this topic applies to job manager GPUs up to version r42.When I check my GPU DDK version with 
    dumpsys | grep GLES
    , it prints that the GPU version is r44p1, I'm not sure if it means that OpenCL mode is not usable for me.


3. According to, I have tried to create config file and place it to the same directory as the application profiled,.But when I ran Streamline to profile the app, it didn't capture any data about OpenCL.


All I'd like to know is if OpenCL mode supports Immortalis-G720? If it does, how should I do? Btw, if ther is any other way to profile OpenCL kernel excuting on Mali GPU ?

Thanks a lot.

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