How to consume execute a CXDT.bin with ARM DS tool


I am working on a validation on the CoreSight-600 (AMRv8 Architecture) on post-silicon bring up, and I am facing some challenge how we should consume the cxdt.bin file on silicon for a dedicated test case content.

The test case content is actually got from the pre-silicon validation owner, they validate it with simulation and able to be consume this file through simulation environment, and they expect the similar test case (which include the cxdt.bin) can be applied run on the silicon with debugger tool (should be ARM DS), and the source code of the cxdt.bin is get from ARM through this website forum also.

But we do not have much detail how we can do so with ARM DS tool to execute the cxdt.bin file. Can ARM provide a guideline anyway we can do so on a physical silicon?


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