win10 22H2 arm ds-5 make go error

Project compilation error:armclang : clang frontend command failed,but the Project is ok on other PC,

What's different is that,the version of windows OS

win10 22H2 is go error .

how can I repair this question,THX!

  • Hi

    My name is Stephen and I work at Arm.

    Sorry that you've hit a problem.

    To help us investigate:

    1) Which version of Arm DS or DS-5 are you using, exactly (look in Help > About)

    2) What is the armclang command-line that is failing?

    3) Are you building your project via the IDE GUI, or a from a makefile/script?

    4) What is the OS version on the other (working) PC?

    Some screen-shots of your failing setup might also help.

    Thank you.