I try profile my openCL code with performance studio . my GPU is mali G-610

performance studio tell that : https://developer.arm.com/Tools%20and%20Software/Arm%20Development%20Studio#Supported-Devices

streamline can collect openCL timeline .

but when i select counters it warn that : GPU frequency counters not available for GPU.

it can not capture mali timeline 

streamline user guild tell that :"Mali Timeline Events requires your device to Have a Mali device driver version r40p0"

i get my driver version through openCL  clGetDeviceInfo(device CL_DRIVER_VERSION)  it return my device driver version is 3.0

and  clGetDeviceInfo(Device  cl_DEVICE_NAME) it return my device name : Mali-G610 r0p0 

it seem that my device driver is dissatisfy.

so  how should i do can profile my openCL code .