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NCONT ERROR in ACK for access 0 : ACK = 0x01 when trying to connect with Arm DS debugger through JTAG


I am an embedded developer trying to help bring up a custom Arria 10 board. I can successfully load the SOF file to configure the FPGA using the Intel Quartus Prime Programming utility through a USB Blaster 1 connected to the JTAG interface, but when I try to manually load and run the preloader using the Arm DS debugger I get the "NCONT ERROR in ACK for access 0: ACK = 0x01" message in the Target Console window. From what I have read on the forums, this indicates that there is a JTAG COM issue with the board. I have consulted with our FPGA designer and board layout person, and they tell me the JTAG interface is configured and connected correctly. I tend to believe them since I can successfully load the SOF file through the JTAG interface. After getting the error, the debugger pops up a window stating "The target hardware identity could not be verified. Please check that the target being connected to is of type Arria 10 SoC". I have found a similar post on this forum regarding this issue and followed the bare-metal user guide procedure for loading the preloader which worked for that person, but it did not work for me. Any help or suggestions with this issue would be greatly appreciated.