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Pinout of 100 ways connector on arm dstream unit

Dear ARM Community,

I recently purchased the ARM Dstream, but unfortunately, the probe unit is not available. I am still eager to use the product, but I am in need of the pin out of the 100 ways connector.

If anyone has this information or knows where I can find it, I would greatly appreciate your help. I am hoping to use the ARM Dstream for debugging and analysis, and any assistance in obtaining this information would be incredibly helpful.

Thank you in advance for your time and assistance.

Best regards,

Pham HS 

  • Hi

    My name is Stephen and I work at Arm.

    Which version of DSTREAM, exactly, have you purchased?  Check the label underneath.  Does it say "DSTREAM" or "DSTREAM-ST".  

    If it is an original DSTREAM, then it requires a probe.  It cannot do anything useful without the probe.
    Sorry, the 100-way connector pinout is an Arm-proprietary interface that we don't document.

    The original DSTREAM product is no longer available from Arm, and has been superseded by the DSTREAM-ST family of debug adapters.  See