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Can't debug FVP_BaseR_AEMv8R in Aarch64 mode using Arm DS

I've been using Arm DS evaluation license do debug the FVP_BaseR_AEMv8R just running aarch32. It worked completely fine. Now I want to start working on a aarch64 version. For this I adjusted the model paramaters to:

FVP_BaseR_AEMv8R -C cluster0.has_aarch64=1 -C cluster0.VMSA_supported=0  -C cluster0.NUM_CORES=4  -C cluster0.gicv3.cpuintf-mmap-access-level=2  -C cluster0.gicv3.SRE-enable-action-on-mmap=2  -C cluster0.gicv3.SRE-EL2-enable-RAO=1 -C cluster0.gicv3.extende
d-interrupt-range-support=1 -C gic_distributor.GICD_CTLR-DS-1-means-secure-only=1  -C gic_distributor.has-two-security-states=0  -C bp.refcounter.non_arch_start_at_default=1

The model starts, but when I connect the DS debugger I cannot seem to use it. I get this view of the cores:

Is there something I'm doing wrong? Or does this license does not allow me to debug the model in Aarch64 mode?

Thanks in advance