I want to use ARM Development Studio debug scp and mcp on the RD-N2 FVP platform. What should I do?

My purpose is to debug the whole software stack with ARM Development Studio on the RD-N2 FVP platform. I want to start from debug scp and mcp. But scp has two ELFs and mcp has two ELFs running on two cortex-m cores, respectively, and the two need to interact. What should I do?

  • Hi Mikhail

    Yes, it should be possible to debug the entire software stack with Arm DS connected to the RD-N2 FVP.

    First, launch the FVP on the command-line with all the ELF and bin images for the Reference Design (RD) INFRA software stack as Toshihisa Oishi showed before, with --iris-server so that the FVP waits for the debugger to connect.

    Connect the debugger to the FVP.  Make three separate connections, to the Cortex-M7 SCP, Cortex-M7 MCP, and (optionally) to the Neoverse N2 core.
    Once connected, the three connections will be selectable in the Debug Control view.

    Select the Cortex-M7 SCP connection.  Add the debug symbols for the SCP code with the "add-symbol-file scp.elf" command in the text entry box at the foot of the Commands view.  The source code should appear (you may need to add a substitute path to the source code)

    Select the Cortex-M7 MCP connection.  Add the debug symbols for the MCP code with "add-symbol-file mcp.elf".

    Select the Neoverse N2 connection.  Add the debug symbols for the app code with "add-symbol-file app.elf". (I assume this is available because app.bin is derived from it, but you might need to rebuild the stack to obtain it.  Make sure it is compiled for debug with "-g")

    You should now be able to select any connection, set breakpoints, run to them, and debug in the normal way.
    If you need to remove debug information, use the "file" command.

    Hope this helps,