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DS-5 Arm Evaluation License: Can't create license


We have the problem when create a 30-day evaluation license.

After enter the account details and click finish, creating license bar is running. But nothing happen. There is no license created.

  • My name is Stephen and I work at Arm.

    I have just tried creating a 30-day evaluation license of Arm DS 2022.1 for myself, and the system appears to be working correctly.

    Evaluation licenses are only available for the latest version of Arm DS (currently 2022.1).  They are not available for the old "DS-5" product.

    It is possible that Arm server is blocked by a firewall on your side.  You may need to check this with your IT administration team.

    Please try again, but if the problem persists, do ask for help via Support > Open a support case, in the menu above.