Brakepoint not work with Cortex A9


Using ARM DS 2022.0 and Cortex A9

and my breakpoint not work it's just work on disassembly line.

when I put breakpoint in sorce code.

In my memory breakpoint icon color is fill in red

but that breakpoint with question mark.

Could you tell me what is that? and please give me solution.

Best Regards

SeungWon Chung

  • Hi SeungWon

    My name is Stephen and I work at Arm.

    To be able to debug at source code level, the executable image must be compiled for debug (with "-g") and the debug symbols from the image loaded into the Debugger.

    The effect you see can happen if you set a breakpoint in your source code, but the executable image is not compiled for debug, or the debug symbols from the image have not been loaded into the Debugger.

    I can reproduce what you see by importing the supplied "startup_Cortex-A9_AC6" example, turning off the debug switch "-g", and re-compiling.
    When connecting, the warning message "WARNING(IMG53): startup_Cortex-A9_AC6.axf has no source level debug information" is then shown in the Commands view.

    So please first check that you are compiling for debug with "-g", and debug symbols are being loaded into the debugger with a command like "loadfile" or "add-symbol-file" in the Commands view, and there are no warnings shown in the Commands view.

    There are several examples provided in Arm DS for Cortex-A9.  Please take a look at those too.  They work 'out-of-the-box' on the Cortex-A9 FVP model and show some useful debug features.

    Hope this helps