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Where can I find config files for M4 and M33 using VHT_MPS2_Cortex-M4 or VHT_MPS2_Cortex-M33/M4

I am trying the ARM Virtual Hardware. I launched an instance on AWS. From this page:
It uses U55 as an example with command:
VHT_Corstone_SSE-300_Ethos-U55 -V "..\VSI\audio\python" -f vht_config.txt -a Objects\microspeech.axf --stat --cyclelimit 768000000
Two questions on VHT_MPS2_Cortex-M4 or VHT_MPS2_Cortex-M33
  1. Is ..\VSI\audio\python only works for U55? Where can I find the v_path for M4 or M33
  2. When I use vht_config.txt from above with M4, I get
Warning: parameter error: 'core_clk.mul': parameter not found
In file: /tmp/plgbuild/abs_build/1077502_57244/trunk/work/fastsim/Framework/scx/SCXExportedVirtualSubsystem.cpp:637
Info: /OSCI/SystemC: Simulation stopped by user.

Error: configuration file error: fvp_config.txt:4: Could not set parameter 'cpu_core.core_clk.mul'
In file: /tmp/plgbuild/abs_build/1077502_57244/trunk/work/fastsim/Framework/scx/SCXSimulationEngine.cpp:6036
Where can I get the config file for M4 or M33?