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Equivalent of SSE4.2 needed for ARM support to CNDP Project


As of recently, at Sartura we are working on supporting ARM64 for the CNDP Project.
Cloud Native Data Plane (CNDP) is a collection of userspace libraries for accelerating packet processing for cloud applications.
However, we are currently facing a problem.
On the x86_64 platform, some portion of the code in CNDP requires SSE4.2 from Intel. 
Therefore, we are looking for an ARM64 equivalent of SSE4.2. We think ARM64's Neon SIMD could replace SSE4.2.

Would someone be able to assist us in this regard?

I would appreciate it if ARM team could provide a pointer/steps for replacing SSE4.2.
Thanks & best regards,
Manoj Dahal
CNDP Contributor