DS-5: bare bones assembly project that can be debugged?

Would someone please show an example of a bare bones project that allows me to code an assembly file and build it to an object file and be able to run it through the debugger? I have the GCC 10.3.1 aarch64-none-elf toolchain already installed but all examples I've seen are for older toolchains and require it to be a C project. I don't want a C runtime involved, I just want the assembler to create an object file and be able to debug it within the DS-5 debugger and I can't find a single example of this anywhere.

Thanks in advance, and yes I'm using DS-5 because it's the free community edition and using it to learn arm assembly, I don't need the new dev studio.


  • The gcc ARM assembler is part of "the Gnu Compiler Collection" (gcc), and you usually create an assembly language program by creating a C "project" and then filling it with .S files instead of .C files, and modifying the link options to omit the C startup code.

    I'm a bit confused by your combination GCC and DS-5.  Doesn't DS-5 have the Keil/ARM compiler and assembler included?  The ARM and GCC assemblers have somewhat different syntax, with the gcc assembler not-quite matching the chip/architecture documentation.

    Your debugger experience is likely to be dependent on how much "additional" debugging info you put in the source code, especially with gcc.  If you look at the assembly output from compiling a C program with debugging enabled (-g -S -o foo.asmlisting"), you'll find a massive number of assembly directives that do nothing but generate info for the debugger to use.