CMN-700 Error Injection


I am trying to inject a SLC double-bit data ECC error with 'cmn_hns_err_inj' register in CMN-700. 

The detailed steps are as follows:

1. I chose the HN-F with LID 0 as the target point for error injecting, and chose the RN-SAM with LID 0 as the source.

2. I filled the 'cmn_hns_err_inj' register to 0x008c0001(SrcID = 140, LPID = 0) in SCP before BL1 booting 

3. I accessed the memory with an address hooked to the RN-SAM with LID 0 in BL1, and hoped it could trigger the SLC hit.

But , unfortunately, I did not get any RAS interrupts from CMN-700.

Could you tell me where is wrong, please? 

If possible, please give me a detailed example steps for this error injection.

The documents refered:

Arm Neoverse CMN-700 Coherent Mesh Network Revision:r2p0

Technical Reference Manual Issue 04 102308_0200_04_en