STR755FV1T6 - hw/sw connectivity solution advice/help needed


As I'm very new to this forum, I would like to ask for some help or reccommendations.

I'm currently working on some Ultrawave generator systems for our industrial machines, and I need help. I have multiple "failed" driver cards, with STR755FV1T6 heart, but sometimes things go wrong, the driver stops working for no apparrent reason. Since producer of drivers in 3rd party, and supplier/machine manufacturer does not support our efforts, I'm looking for a solution how to diagnose the problems on-board.

The issue seems to be some software/safety interlock, which we are unable to acknowledge/dismiss/reset. I thoroughly cheched all hw on-board, and it doesn't have any hardware issues.

I has embedded two RJ45 connections, used to actively communicate with main board, that works.

Otherwise it has 20pin GPIO connector, and according to datasheet is (probably) routed to ARMs ?UART? interface.

I'm asking here for help for the simpler/basic solution to know what's going on, as i have no programming hardware to use with this MC.I'm PLC programmer mostly, with some basic C and pascal skills. But never had hands-on ARM based MC.

  • The information you provided is too limited so that it is difficult to judge what's going on.

    The possible ways may be that you have the external debugger to collect some CPU information or Uart debug logs.

    The best way is to ask the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) to help because they have the source code and schematics.