EduLabs is a new community platform for academics to take advantage of, and contribute to, free open-access Computer Engineering and Computer Science related curriculum content to make teaching easier and more relevant to the burgeoning semiconductor industry. EduLabs is at the start of an exciting journey and invites you to get involved by:

  • Offering comments, suggestions and starting discussions around the existing content
  • Adding teaching resources (that you may have already put in the public domain elsewhere)
  • Adding modified/adapted versions of Arm Education’s EdKits that you are using or have used in your teaching (these may not yet be in the public domain)
  • Adding content that you have created yourself, which you feel others could benefit from
  • Identifying priority subjects or content areas (where academic teachers struggle to find good content) and committing to co-create new and relevant material with other community members

In other words, we encourage you to contribute in multiple ways. You can comment on existing resources, submit individual modules, lab exercises or even an entire course. The key principle is that teaching academics will be able to build their own curriculum by ‘picking and mixing’ resources from various content sets – in combination with what they have already.

  • Be part of a thriving community of fellow academics, who together offer mutual support for continuous professional development
  • Receive feedback from EduLabs on the number of views, downloads and modifications/re-uploads of the material, which could help demonstrate your commitment to teaching excellence
  • Get public recognition such as digital badges, mentions/endorsements on LinkedIn, certificates of appreciation etc.
  • Feature in EduLabs and/or Arm Education newsletters and other marketing collateral

What to do

Simply write to to get the conversation started.  One of the community moderators will then get in touch about next steps.


Academics teaching courses in Computer Science and Computer Engineering related subjects face many pressures in creating and maintaining high-quality curriculum resources, not least the pace of change in the semiconductor industry.

To make things easier, Arm Education has chosen to make its Education Kit materials freely available in the public domain without the need for registration on a new collaborative education platform called EduLabs, hosted by the University of Southampton.

The aim of EduLabs is not only to be an open education repository but also a collaborative space where academics can contribute their own material, modify/adapt what is uploaded by others and identify issues by way of contextual comments (for instance at a certain point in a video).

Neither Arm Education nor the University of Southampton are “in charge” – it is a genuine community initiative, currently hosted by the university, welcoming collaboration from around the world.

EduLabs is not a platform for delivering courses to students directly. It is specifically for teaching academics to help them create their own materials more quickly and easily by leveraging what already exists. Whilst material might be in an end-to-end curriculum-aligned format (as Arm Education’s contributions are), academic users are free to take only what they consider to be useful – be it a single module, a particular lab challenge or even just a useful PowerPoint slide or two.  Providing that the terms of use specified by the contributors are respected, such materials can be modified for the local environment – such as by adding logos, modifying templates and so on.

EduLabs therefore welcomes all manner of contributions that could help teachers, for example but not restricted to:

  • Lecture slides
  • Lab exercises
  • Code challenges and example solutions
  • Explanatory videos
  • Animations
  • Tools
  • “How to” guides such as running successful hackathons or contests
  • Assessment/test questions and answers
  • Summaries/guides of useful pedagogical approaches
  • Open access or self-written books
  • Case studies